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Herbal H Advanced Hair Regrowth Spray (3 Month Treatment)

Price : RM 500.00

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Package included 3 bottle of 60ml for 3 Month Treatment
2ml per day, (1ml per application, 2 applications daily)
How to use ?
1. To be applied twice daily, once in the morning and once at night. Apply 1ml on scalp in each application (spray 5-6 times).
2. Ensure that the scalp and hair are in dry and clean condition before applying to avoid dilution of the formula with water or other chemicals. After spraying, allow the solution to dry for several hours.
3. Despite early positive results, it is important to complete the treatment duration for 3 months. It is very strongly recommended to continue using the product after the treatment duration, but to a smaller dosage to maintain the hygienic conditions of the scalp and to prevent any future hair loss.
How it works ?
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The main ingredients found in Herbal-H are Maima Extracts, Ginseng Extracts, Angelica Extracts and Polygonum Multiflorum Extracts.
Result :
Frequently Asked Questions
Is Herbal-H safe to use?
Herbal-H does NOT contain any drugs like Finastride and is formulated of pure herbal ingredients, therefore is 100% safe to use for Men of all ages.

How does Herbal-H regrow hair?
Herbal-H can excite the nerve in the hair vesicle and release the nutrition element to activate the hair vesicle. Simultaneously, Herbal-H provides amino acid and microelement ingredients directly to the hair vesicle and mother cell vitality.

Why is there a sence of itch when using Herbal-H?
It is common to feel a sensation of itch. This is caused by folliculitis, dermatits, allergic and etc. If you have sensitive skin and Herbal-H spray continues to itch in the early stages, discontinue usage. The itching sensation is due to the rapid permeation. It is normal to feel itching sensation after 30 days of using Herbal-H. This is the feeling of new hair being grown.

Why does hair loss increase in the initial period of using Herbal-H?
Your hair loss may seem to increase within the first week of using Herbal-H. That is the sign of new born hair replacing the existing hair. The phenomenon is expected, and is part of the hair regrowth process. This is only temporary, however if this kind of phenomenon continues for more than a week, it is then suggested you consult a doctor.

How long must I use Herbal-H to obtain results?
Herbal-H was specifically designed as a 3 month treatment to regrow your hair. In order to obtain the best results, it is important to use Herbal-H twice a day for a 90 day period. Results vary depending on the original cause and degree of your hair loss. Herbal-H is known to stop hair loss in 7 days and begin regrowing new hair in 15 days!

If I suffer from Seborrheic Alopecia and I find my hair loss is lightening should I continue to use Herbal-H?
In most cases, your hair loss can be controlled in normal metabolism after you use Herbal-H for 5-15 days, and little new hair can come out after continual use for 15-30 days. The light sufferer can see the nice curative effect after continual use for 3 months, while the heavy sufferer needs a longer time. If you stop using it before the right time, the curative effect will be reduced. So it would be better you continue using it for one more month after the hair becomes completely normal.

If one healed and grew new hair, should they continue to use Herbal-H?
It is better to continue using Herbal-H even after successful results have been attained. Generally no more than a 3 month treatment is required to effectively regrow healthy hair. After you've recovered completely, hair loss shouldn't occur if your pay attention to eliminate the etiology.

What are the advantages of Penetrating Peel Technology?
Penetrating Peel Technology promotes the permeation of angelica sinensis through changing the arrangements of skin cuticle cells. The new technology also significantly enlarges the mechanism of sweet gland and hair follicle.

Do I need a prescription from a doctor before I use Herbal-H?
No, there is no need to consult a doctor prior to use. Herbal-H is a special kind of solution consisting of pure herbs under a high-tech bioengineering environment. Herbal-H formula has been approved and authenticated by the National Sanitation department.

Is Herbal-H safe for women to use?
Herbal-H is a special formulation to treat Male Pattern Baldness. Usually men and women have different types of hair loss issues. Since Herbal-H was developed only for Men, it is not recommended for women to use. Find out more about the treatment.

Can I go swimming or bathing after using Herbal-H spray?
You should wait one or two hours before you go swimming or bathing. Make sure you have dried your hair after swimming or bathing when you use Herbal-H.

I have used Herbal-H for one month, how could I see the effect?
The right way is to divide affected hairs by using a hand torch and magnifier. You should notice small and new thin hairs growing. Normally, it is easier to see the results after washing your hair and letting your scalp become completely dry.

Is there a age restriction for using Herbal-H?
Generally there is no age restriction for the treatment although results differ depending on patient's history, degree of hair loss and sensitivity to the product.

Is Herbal-H useful for the forehead hair loss?
According to the company's early tryout experiment, Herbal-H can achieve good results for the top hair regrowth as well as the forehead hair.
About Herbal-H Company
Herbal-H, released in 2009, is a newly adopted formula combining and mixing 3% Minoxidil with highly effective herbal extracts to form what we now call Herbal Minoxidil, scientifically proven to regrow hair.
Located in Larnaka, Cyprus. Herbal-H Inc was founded in 2006 to develop a toxic-free revolutionary hair growth spray under a high tech bioengineering environment.
The powerful ingredients used in Herbal-H have been researched and tested based on numerous scientific studies.

Herbal-H is the first herbal product medically proven to treat hair loss and effectively regrow hair. Herbal-H uses the herbal active ingredient called Maima. Scientists believe that Maima works either by helping the blood flow to the cells in your scalp that grow hair, or by increasing the number of actively growing cells.

In March 2009, Herbal-H released its hair growth spray when it obtained authentication & approval from the National Sanitation Department. It was a great success for Herbal-H to have developed a toxic-free hair loss solution that works. Other hair growth treatments are successful in regrowing hair but contain drugs which are considered dangerous for your health.

Looking good doesn't mean you need to damage your health. Herbal-H advanced hair regrowth spray offers the safest way for men to regrow their hair.

"Clinically tested and doctor recommended, the Herbal-H Advanced Hair Growth Treatment comprises the highest quality herbs and sophistication for use without the need for medical supervision. The formula's unique features are a result of years of bio-engineering and testing; making our product the most efficient hair regrowth solution available on the market. Refined raw materials ensure our product is safe and comfortable to use for any type of hair loss. We provide men with the key formula necessary for a successful hair growing experience. Our full customer support is designed to help our clients through every step of the treatment in comfort and safety. Start receiving treatment and getting results today."

We take great pride in providing customers with a safe way to regrow hair and this is why we offer free shipping to any country in world!

Direct ship from oversea by EMS , delivery lead time about 7 - 10 business days

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