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Dare To Fail - No 1 Best Seller!

Dimension : 8.5 x 3.5 x 0.75 (inch) 310 pages
Price : RM 36.80

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Bahasa Malaysia / English Edition

Dare To Fail - No 1 Best Seller!

The book touches on the ' Other side" of the success story. It analyses the value of failure. Why should we fail? Is failing all that bad? What does it take to face failure? What if all else fails? For the first time, a book which touches so candidly on this normally taboo subject of failure.
Journey with the author as he takes you through is trails and tribulation and that of many others. A book that speaks for millions who have tried and failed. Also included is a report of speech made by senior minister of Singapore Mr Lee Kuan Yew - "going global - who dares wins".


1.   Childhood

2.   College and campus days

3.   Our company "created"

4.   Going back to work for people

5.   Failing

6.   Value of failing

7.   Fear of failure

8.   Failure in relationships

9.   Consequences of failing in our society

10. Fear of not getting a  job

11. Fear of being too old to succeed

12. Fear of no result

13. Pain, problems, difficulties and sufferings

14. What it takes to face failure

15. When all else fails

16. What would you do if you can't fail?
Stop Press
The man who failed to be President

The president who failed, but changed the world....

Beaten, kidnapped...but destined to be president

A tribute to the man who fails

Dare To Fail

The Author


Photograph index

Complimentary - a report of Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, 
Senior Minister of Singapore.

1. Dare To Fail by Billi Lim
2. Berani Gagal by Billi Lim

3.  How To Win Friends and ....
4.  Sightings
5. Stop Smoking in One hour .....

Hi! This is David. After reading your book titled Dare to Fail, I think my life had lots of changes after that. I think it's about time to release a second edition soon?.
David Caleb
Microsoft, Singapore

What a book! After the first few pages I felt like I had risen from my grave. In all those failures I encountered I thought I would never be able to pick myself up again??
Supahan Ismail

I am a 35 years old medical doctor who had gone through a few hardknocks in life. Failed in my marriage. I have sold my clinic and went into another line of business as I also believe "no risks no gain" ???. Miracle does occur. In seems when I came across your book "Dare to Fail" and I come to view failure in a different perspective?? As I pick up the pieces of my life, I begin to understand the meaning of failure and with this understanding, I am no longer afraid of it??
Dr. Ahmad Taharim Hariri

I would like to thank you for writing such a good book - "Dare to Fail". My name is Roszellane Noor Dona Razak and I am 20 years old. Even my younger brother memorize the quotes from your book??

Your book "Dare to Fail" has given me a new life. I am a 31 years old Singaporean who have suffered so much in life. I have lost my savings by trusting other business associates??.. I have started building myself again. I keep a copy of your book on my desk so that I will never lose confidence again??.
A. Selvadurai
Hutchison Management Consultancy

Saya ingin mengucapkan jutaan terima kasih kerana telah berjaya menaikkan kembali semangat saya yang telah jatuh ekoran daripada membaca buku karangan saudara yang berjudul "Berani Gagal".
Mohd. Radzi Mohd. Isa

Saya baru demi toko buku dan membaca buku Cik Billi yang berjudul Berani Gagal. So, saya akan senang sekali kalau bisa berconsultasi dengan Cik Billi lewat e-mail.

I have bought your book through a recommendation from my JB's friend who is also a reader. Your message have served as a 'wake-up" call to me?
Low You Keng
Businessman, Singapore

As a teenage at the at age of 17 this year, I have never read anything like "Dare To Fail". I'm glad to have this book as a guide for me. It really gives me a clear idea what failure is all about and how it can bring success in the end !!! Well? I must really thank my mum for buying this book. She is currently reading this book after my "recommendation" heheheheheh!! I told her that this book is the best book I have ever read so far.
Annie Tan
Hypercutie Workshop

Sebelum saya membaca hati saya takut untuk menceburi didalam dunia perniagaan. Tetapi selepas saya membaca buku tersebut hati saya kini 100% ingin menceburi didalam dunia perniagaan.
Mohd. Naim Bin Abd. Halim
Alor Setar, Kedah

I have seen a lot of personal and success book?? but this book really inspire me.
Kumaran Jaya

I borrowed it from a friend who happened to bring that book to school. It was one of the few books I have come across that mention about "failure".

Buku ini telah banyak membawa perubahan kepada diri saya. Buku ini telah memberikan saya satu semangat baru kepada saya.
Samsul Kamal Bin Harun
Diploma Psikologi
Institut Pembangunan Sumber Manusia

I am an Indonesian but in Sydney now. I'd like to say 'thank you' and show my compliments towards your incredible book 'Dare to Fail'. Nowadays, it still become my aid when I am down or getting something wrong.
Budiman Tan

In the book, Billi endeavours to share his personal observations and to point out the mistakes often made by many during the trying and tough periods - setbacks which may serve as useful lessons for others.
Tun Daim Zainuddin 
Former Finance Minister and Economic Advisor  to the Malaysian Government .

Executive Director, National Economic Action Council

This book is an asset to mankind especially to those who are prepared to face and learn from the lessons of failure ....
Yang Berhormat Puan Shahrizat Abdul Jalil
Parliamentary Secrectary to the Ministry  of Youth and Sports, Malaysia

I enjoyed your insights, humour and quotes in "Dare to Fail".  It is invigorating to see genius at work.

Louise Taylor                     
Meta Centre of Learning & Training

We are enlightened with your book entitled Dare to Fail.   Do you have any plan to visit Philippines to share with us your experience?
Victor Cayabyab, Philippines

Inspiring!  A must-read for those who also want to succeed and has experienced failure.      
Jeniri Amir

Executive Director, Utusan Sarawak

I have found your book very inspirational and informative and on my return to New Zealand I have recommended many of my people to purchase a copy of your book.
Karen & Mark Stothart
New Zealand

I bought your book on Saturday, and it had me hooked badly.                
Miku B. Sippy
Koffee Korner, Hong Kong

I have read many books in my 37 years but few had the impact and honest street smartness of your book.
Jon Michail
Director, Image Group International, Australia

... if you are on the verge of committing suicide, read this book before you make the final decision.
Dr. Pisarn Jantaritthirathsamee    
   Ph.D., Thailand

What makes the book special is the manner the author, Billi Lim, treats the subject ... we should not look down upon those who fail, instead we should question those who fail to try.
         Yang Berhormat Dato' Mustapa Mohamed
         Minister Of Entrepreneur Development & Second Finance Minister, Malaysia

This book has no frill, fear or foe; its author is frank, fast and fair; and its readers will set their mind free and let their flags fly.

Dr. Lui Hah Wah
Elena Ph. D, Singapore

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