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CODOS Pet Clipper CP-9600

Price : RM 204.50

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7 to 10 working days delivery lead time

Charger: Input AC 220V 50Hz Output DC 3.5V 1000mA
 Battery: Lithium polymer battery
 Charging time: about 1.5 hours
 An electric adequate operating time: 90 minutes

 Weight: about 0.75KG

 Stainless steel knife with ceramic knife set
 Hardness, high strength, long sharp and durable.
 The use of long-life motor DC3.6V
 4-speed adjustable blade (adjust the length of stay in hair)
 1.5-hour fast charge, can use 90-minute
 Color LCD display feature
 Digital display can be used time
 Low voltage alarm and oiling
 Overcharge protection and preserves battery life
 Split-type head cleaning can be easily
 Low vibration, low noise design
 Either type plug-in power-line

 Accessories: 3/6mm with a comb, 9/12mm with a comb, charger, oil bottle, cleaning brush.
 With this product to push pet hair, it is strongly recommended that you give it a bath and blow dry with a hairdryer, comb along the longer the baby beauty, this will extend the service life of blade;
 Must clean up after use complicated hair stick blade, otherwise it will affect the sharpness of the next.

 Segment cleanup process:
 1)right hand is holding the handle position, the left thumb placed on a white blade and metal blade combine parts, breaking off a little forced back, head and holder can be separated;
2)brush with a small brush and blade mounting slots on the inside of the hair, clean up (free hairdryer blowing it); done this step in the center of the blade touch the small button (remember to light), so that ceramic blades and metal blade separation, a mixture between clean hair;
3)a thorough clean up after a drop of oil between the blades.

# oil is not included

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