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Air Atomizer
Price : 280

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Car Air Purifier

Price : RM 55.50

Please order at Moresales.Asia

The function of negative ion:

  1. Produce live oxygen: The negative ion can activate the oxygen member in the air, making it stimulate and be more easily absorbed by the human body more.
  2. Improve lung function: Inhale negative ion 15 can increase absorption oxygen after minutes 20%, but eject 15% carbon dioxides more.
  3. Improve myocardial function: Decline to press a function obviously, ameliorable myocardial function, and increase myocardial vitality.
  4. Improve sleep: Through take an oxygen ion function, can make the spirit fig up, the work efficiency raises, can also improve sleep; there is obvious painful function in the town.
  5. Promote metabolism: Can activate an enzyme with various muscle body, promote a new metabolism, and strengthen an anti-disease ability: Ameliorable muscle body reaction, the function of skin system inside the active key link form, strengthens muscle body immunity ability.
  6. Disinfect function: The negative ion adsorbs a germ easily, making it produce structure change and energy to transfer, causing the germ pathological changes die, no longer becoming new germ to grow.
  7. Pure new atmosphere: The smoke combines in negative ion and air, making use of an electricity to leave a way to make it precipitate.
The Vitamin in the Negative Ion-air
The negative ion is everywhere, we see of thunderclap, lightning flash phenomenon. It is a kind of method of the great universe ego clean disinfections; it can produce in great quantities negative ion. Usually after rain we can feel the air so fresh. The scientist detected these feeling and specially delightfully fresh place also implies a great deal of in the forest, waterfalls, high mountain and the seaside during the period of analyzing to the air quality of negative ion.
Safety Information
1. Do not put the product in water or damp place
2. Do not dismantle the product, this will cause damage to the product
3. Do not use this in the combustible, explosive or wet places.
4. Use only the power adaptor recommended by the manufacturer, any other adaptor might cause injury or damage to the product.
Package includes:
The air purifier
Car adaptor
User Manual
Stock transfer from Oversea , delivery  7 - 10 working days

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