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KOWA water purifier system

Retail Price : RM 1480.00
Price : RM 899.00

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Promotion ! Free delivery Free Installation for KL & Selangor

 Free delivery Free Installation for KL & Selangor

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Item Description

Ruyi Life KOWA Health Water Purifier System 

5 Filter Cartridges Water Filter System with Alkaline + Bio Energy and ORP

Features of Perfect Health Water System

Ionizing water to Alkaline Antioxidant Energy Water. 


Natural energy and high oxygen contents 

Smallest water molecule cluster easily penetrates into and absorbs by our body cells. 

Remove heavy metals, remain essential minerals. 

- Sterilize bacteria and remove unpleasant adour. 

- Effective removes impurities and toxins from our body, reinforcing self-healing immune system. 

- Eliminate pollutants in water.

- All Filter cartridges are make by Korea Material. 

Filter Cartridge Details :

Filter A : Ceramic Cartridge.
0.3 Micron Ceramic Filter, Consist of highly compressed ceramic diatom and stop the propagation of bacteria, germs and viruses and dirt.

Filter B : KOR I with Pre Carbon Cartridge
Granular Activated Carbon, Reduction of taste, odor, color, insecticide, synthetic detergents and etc.

Filter C : KOR I with Bio-Ceramic with Silversol carbon cartridge. Bio-Ceramic breaks water molecules into very minute fractions to greatly improve absorption and incrasing many folds the oxygen content than that of ordinary water. Enhanced to remove chlorine, organic chemicals and remaining residue from water and prevent bacteria from breeding¡CIncrease calcium ions magnetiser and ionise the water to increase oxygen content.

Filter D : KOR I with Alkaline + ORP cartridge.
Anti-Oxidant Alkaline filter can abundance of negative ions for reducing oxidation at human body with further small water molecule clusters and thus is more easily absorbed into our body.
Oxidation Reduction Potential - ORP- is the most valuable element of alkaline water. ORP is the measurement of water electrical charge. The measurement can be positive or negative and the charges are expressed in mill volts. Negative value of ORP in alkaline water indicates the presence of antioxidant capacity which assists the body to neutralize acidity. Tap water and most bottled water have positive ORP, which means that there is no antioxidant capacity and cannot help the body in neutralizing acidity. For this the ORP is of the outmost importance. The higher the pH the lower the ORP.

Filter E : KOR I with Carbon Block
The carbon block filter uses adsorptive retention along with pore size to remove contaminants from your water source. Adsorptive Retention is when the particle stays in the filter media due to interactions between the particle and the surface of the medium. Surface and Depth Filtration relate to the particle size and pore size of the filter media. A surface filter is seen as a screen that is covered with particles too large to pass through. Particles form a filter cake on the surface and the retention will be absolute since no particles may pass, known as sieving. Depth Filtration allows particles to penetrate the filter matrix and get captured throughout the depth of the medium.

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