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10moons widescreen enhanced TV Box LT360W

Price : RM 105.50

Please order at Moresales.Asia

7 to 10 working days delivery lead time



Support for cable TV, set-top boxes, satellite receivers, DVD signal access, suitable for desktop or monitor can also be used only


1. Supports widescreen LCD and CRT monitors, to support display mode 16:9; 16:10; 4:3. 
2. Front panel key operation more convenient. 
3. Using digital frequency technology to support multi-resolution mode. 
4. 3D Motion adaptive de-interlace, a variety of digital image enhancement and digital noise reduction technology to bring you the true home theater. 
5. All added to TV receiver for cable receiver, compatible with PAL D / K & I standard. 
6. Supports PAL, NTSC video input formats, providing AV, S-VIDEO interface, easy to connect cameras, DVD, TV game consoles. 
7. Full function remote control operation, in English and Chinese OSD display. 
8. A strong anti-aliasing and smoothing display optimization technology to create high-definition video effect. 
9. With a motion adaptive progressive processing, digital zoom and horizontal and vertical changes in function of frequency. 
10. Support the PIP function.


1. Manual 
2. Certificate 
3. Remote control 
4. VGA Line 
5. 5V power supply 
6. Audio cable 
7. Mortimer product warranty cards 
8. Mortimer widescreen (enhanced version) TV Box


7 to 10 working days delivery lead time


Feedback Problem Summary:


Q: The screen has ghosting, feeling a bit fuzzy? 
A: This is mainly noise reduction TV box because there is no reduction, noise reduction features the TV box for general tone from the HD to see the so-called smear;


Q: This TV box notebook computer can be used it? 
A: not suitable, because the laptop VGA interface is output rather than input, so the laptop can only choose USB interface, TV box, if necessary, please contact us 
Q: My monitor is a flat, or less than 28 inches, this TV box you can use it? 
A: Yes, flat screen and LCD universal, support for widescreen and normal side level.


Q: The TV box can record anything? 
A: No, you need to record a program to be opened in order to use the TV host box, select the USB interface, so the only TV tuner box, if necessary, please contact us


Q: I am at home now is an analog cable signal, since if the switch to digital television can use it? 
A: You can use it to support analog and digital signal conversion. As long as you have a digital TV set-top box on it.


Q: I do not have cable, no satellite antenna, no antenna, I can use it to see anything? 
A: No, it's just a signal conversion device, not a receiving device. So there must be a signal source, the wireless receiver itself can not.


Q: You can search the TV box How many programs? 
A: The specific programs and programs to search the effect of the source of your decision, not the TV box to decide.


Q: What about this video cassettes speakers? 
A: The belt. Can also be an external computer speakers


Q: Why after I installed the program received a bit vague and noise? 
A: This problem is generally caused by a bad line signal can be fine-tuning, or replace the closed line test, if not to consider installation of the signal amplifier. TV Box TV reception is weaker than some. So do not say the TV clear, TV boxes and other issues not

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