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Syed Mokhtar Albukhary: A Biography

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Syed Mokhtar Albukhary is one of the most well-known tycoons in Malaysia. Yet, very little is known about the man. Some businessmen crave publicity and love to see their names in print. Others tend to be media shy and rarely give interviews. Syed Mokhtar belongs to the second category. 

But here, in this single volume, is the story of his life and his career as an entrepreneur par excellence. Based on exclusive interviews and extensive research by the author, this biography traces Syed Mokhtar's humble beginnings and examines the family life and upbringing that imbued in him the qualities that still defines what he is today. A beneficiary of the New Economic Policy (NEP), the government's affirmative action programme to build up bumiputera entrepreneurs, Syed Mokhtar made full use of the opportunities available to him. But he refused to adopt the “Ali-Baba” approach to doing business with successful Chinese traders. Not content to be a passive investor, he insisted that he be taught the ropes and become fully involved in running the business. His gratitude towards the NEP kept him from selling off his shares, even in times of crisis. But it was his insistence on being a true businessman, rather than a rentier, that allowed him to weather the tough times and emerge as one of the biggest names in Malaysia's corporate landscape today.

Instead of releasing a white-washed, public-relations-styled “official biography”, Syed Mokhtar insisted on telling it as it was to the author who worked on this book. So, in reading this book, you can get insights into his good relationship with former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad. You can find out about the challenges he faced during the Abdullah Ahmad Badawi years where many of his projects were scuttled or cancelled. Syed Mokhtar also talks about his difficult relationship with the press. 

The frankness and forthrightness of this biography makes it rather unusual in the Malaysian context, just like the man who story it tells.

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