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Price : 280

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> Household > Pest Repeller > Rats
KAT-1 Electronic Pest Repeller

Price : RM 268.00

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repell rats, cockroaches , mosquitoes

KAT 每 1  Electronic  Pests  Repeller

With  latest product research and  development  and electronics innovations ;
Pest Guard is  a modern  electronic device that  incorporate a high tech transducer that emits  ultrasonic  sound frequencies , to effectively  repel and keep away pests ; unmatched  by many competitors in the market today .

Bouncing off walls , these ultrasonic frequencies ; which is not audible  to human and household  pets ; creates a  fortress  in  your house or business premises   - driving away and  keeping out unwanted pests  . These frequencies bouncing effect indirectly  creates a larger area of coverage causing a  no safe place for these pests to hide .

It is proven that  audible sounds can be a nuisance and even in  time , causes  sensory disturbance and changes in  the behavior of a subject ; such as uneasiness , comfort  , diet  and  reproduction  of that particular subject .

With  breakthrough  ultrasonic transducer  and innovative electronic control circuit board ; Pest Guard  effectively forces pests to ※ relocate ※ ;  without the use of   poisonous  pesticides  - making it  a safer  and  environmentally -friendly    pest  repeller .

It is  known and proven that in present days ; many sickness and  diseases  are  link  or  caused by pests as a carrier or their droppings ; especially rodents . With Pest Guard - say good bye to  pests 每 say good bye to poisonous  pesticides  !!!

Suitable to be use in home , offices , public buildings , restaurants , eateries and even  warehouses  . 

With versatility  and  practicality in mind ; Pest Guard  is designed with a plug pin at its base (back) so as to be able to directly plug onto electrical outlet .


( 01 ) Safe , Economical , Efficient and  Effective

( 02 ) Ability to  effectively repel and keep away a wide range of pests 

( 03 ) Keep pests away without using harmful chemical  or poisonous  pesticides . 

( 04 ) User friendly  and   Green Product .

( 05 ) Low power consumption  and  Long Life Span

( 06 ) Durable and Portability 

( 07 )  Larger  Effective Coverage Area

( 08 ) Test Button 每 Human audible  sound  to  determine the effective coverage 
      area .

( 09 )  Options to  select from 10 preset ultrasonic frequency to specifically target a
      particular pest  or simply just  change to AUTO mode 每 setting the
      device to emits alternating and  different ultrasonic frequencies  to target  the
      general range of  pests .

( 10 )   With a heavier transformer , hi end transducer and  innovative control  board ;
        Pest Guard   itself  weights in  at  390g 每  more superior and much difference
        from  competitors brands in the market .

Technical Specification 

      Input  Voltage        :  AC  240V 50Hz

      Power Consumption       :  5W  (max)

      Frequency Range   ( Not Audible to human & household pets )
                     Auto  ( Alternating) :  20 kHz ~ 65 kHz 
              Mode ( Pre-set )       :  20 , 25 , 30 , 35 , 40 , 45 , 50 , 55 , 60 & 65 kHz

      Test  Pitch Frequency        :  3.3 kHz  ( Audible to human & household pets )

      Effective Coverage Area  :  300 m  ( with no obstruction ) 

      Unit Dimension       :  75   x  124  x  62 mm

      Unit  Weight        :  390 g

How to Operate  Pest Guard  KAT- 1

Plug Pest Guard onto an AC outlet . It is recommended that the AC outlet be 
20~30 cm (8§ ~12§ ) from the floor level for maximum efficiency  .
         Make sure the AC outlet is switch off before you plug in  Pest Guard .

Switch on AC outlet . Red light will be blinking . This means the device is set to
AUTO Mode  ( Frequency range alternating between 20 kHz ~ 65 kHz )

To select  pre-set  frequency ; press Mode . Repeatedly press Mode to choose the desire frequency .
Chosen Pre-set  frequency  is indicated  with Green Light  either in one single green illumination or  two green illumination ; which adding both illuminations will be the chosen   pre-set  frequency  . 
( Frequency range are as 20 , 25 , 30 , 35 , 40 , 45 , 50 , 55 , 60 & 65 kHz )

To  test  Effective  Coverage Area 每 Press  TEST  button .
This will cause the device to emits a high pitch ( 3.3 kHz) sound .
Area with lower or dampen pitching sound means that Pest Guard is less effective in that area  compare with  area that  pitching sound  is  clear .
For  maximum protection , make sure that there is  less obstruction  in coverage area . 

Press  Auto again or Mode  to stop the Pitch Test .
  Ultrasonic Frequency Range  To Repel  Pests

Frequency   Effective  To  Repel and Keep Away
------------        ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

65 kHz   ↙  Mites  , Bees
50  kHz     ↙ Roaches , Fleas , Beetles , Ticks ,etc
30  kHz   
             Rodents , Mice  , Mosquitoes , Flies & Small Insects
20  kHz 

* Note  :  If you keep mice or rodent as pets , Pest Guard must not be positioned where it will affect them .
3.3 kHz     ↙  Audible Range 每 Human & Household Pets

Frequently Asked Questions

Question  :  Is  Pest Guard  with  Ultrasonic  Frequencies Technology harmful to human ?
Answer    :  No it is not . Pest Guard ultrasonic frequencies ranges between 20kHz to
             65kHz . It is not audible to human or household pets hearing and as such
              will not in any way be harmful . Human can only hear sound which is
               much lower than 20,000 Hz  till 50 Hz . At  Test  Pitch of 3.3 kHz (3,300 Hz)
              it is already an unbearable sound .

Question  :  Why after a few days of using Pest Guard , there seems to be more pests ?
Answer    :  Pest Guard works on the principle of emitting  disturbing ultrasonic
              frequencies that  will cause  sensory unrest   in pests . There seems to be
              more pests after a few days of usage is because this disturbance had caused 
              those pests to come out from their hiding place due to  unbearable    
                    condition   and very soon when there is no other place to hide -  to  move
              out , far away from the disturbance .

Question   :  How long do I need to use  Pest Guard for it to be fully effective ?
Answer     :  You can see the difference in matters of hours of usage . Pests will
               usually try  to get away from these ultrasonic frequencies disturbance ;
               either  by  keeping away or move out from their hiding place . It will takes
               between 2 to 3 weeks to see the full potential of Pest Guard .   

Question   :  Does ultrasonic frequencies  emitted from Pest Guard effect electrical
                     products in my home / office ?
Answer     :  No. It do not cause any disturbance to electrical / electronic products .
It's really effective, especially rats. My main business is distribution of various preserved fruit items and I have been testing this baby at my warehouse in rawang for past 10 months. For the first 2 weeks, we see more rats running around as they are looking for better hideouts as the ultrasonic sound is driving them nuts. by the 3rd week, we don't see them anymore.
It's also effective against cockroaches, but i do admit that i still see rare sights of mosquitoes although has largely reduced.
Warranty : 2 years
Free shipping within Malaysia

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