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Life Without Limits

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Life Without Limits is the story of gutsy Nick Vujicic, an amazing Aussie born without arms or legs who is now an internationally successful inspirational speaker. 

Packed full of wisdom, testimonials of his faith and laugh-out-loud humour, Nick tells of life in his 'Chesty Bond' body, his visit to Africa at the age of 20 where he gave away $20,000 of his life savings to the poor, and raised another $20,000 for them on the side, and how he learned to surf, skateboard, dive and more. Noting that 'perfection isn't always perfect' and that 'brokenness can be a good thing', Nick shows how he learned to accept what he could not control and focus instead on what he could. He encourages everyone to find their life's purpose and, whatever their obstacles, go for it. He's already appeared in an acclaimed short film doing his own stunts, and his zest for life is unbelievably infectious. 

This new edition contains Nick's Personal Action Plan, a tool any reader can use to more precisely determine and track their individual destiny. 

Staff Review: 
Growing up, I used to turn away when I see people who are handicapped, as though they were useless to society. It took me a long time to realize that at the very heart of it, they are just human too. Nick Vujicic's story of his life opened my eyes to how much grateful I should be in my life even though I'll say that I have not done half the things he has accomplished; among others to sky dive, to go water skiing, to travel world-wide and even to win a Best Actor award. 

Instead of lamenting on what he lacks, Vujicic accepts what he has and makes the best out of it all. His life has been so blessed, more so now with a beautiful and faithful wife and an adorable son; and he is now such an enormous blessing to the world. It hasn't always been a bed of roses for him though, I remembered he said that he had a 3-month breakdown when things went wrong, and he stopped everything he was doing, but he soon 'got back on his two feet' and started again. In my own life, I have had heartbreaks and meltdowns too, but I am determined that I can overcome those times eventually. I may not aspire to swim with the sharks, but surely I can do more than just sit at a corner and whine.

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