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> Electronics > Audio Video DVD TV > Headphone Amplifier
Audinst HUD-MiNi Mini USB DAC Headphone Amplifier

Price : RM 450.00

Please order at Moresales.Asia

Audinst Inc. is audio component manufacturing company that launched in 2009. With the goal of bringing PC-based audio components to the hi-fi grade level, the company possesses technical staff with excellent know-howís on digital and analog sound technology along with professional designing part with outstanding aesthetic senses in external-type equipment design. We are putting our utmost effort in making unique high quality products for both domestic and overseas markets, to become the unrivaled, leading company in the field.

HUD-mini was developed to realize sound quality that could be attained from Hi-Fi audio equipment only by connecting to USB port of notebook or desktop PC. It has simple and elegant design with easy installation and mobility using external USB DAC, and it was designed as high performance Hi-Fi audio equipment internally applying integrated design to the maximum in small space to make best performance in spite of compact size. 

Equipped with Highest Grade of
OPAMP and High Performance
Headphone Amplifier

It realized high performance and high fidelity
audio with very low distortion of THD+N
0.00003% and ultra low noise by the adoption
of LME49860 of National Semiconductor for
DAC output stage. Also, you can enjoy sufficient
sound volume using the headphone of less than
300Ω by the adoption of AD8397 of Analog
Device. High quality audio signal which is
generated through high-level components is 
applied to speaker, earphone or headphone 
as it is providing HiFi level of audio environment.

High End Performance

Our high-end audio USB DAC 
provides the dramatic high quality
playback, bringing out the latent 
possibilities of PC Audio from 
computer-based average audio 
quality to CDquality sound through
our advanced technologies.


● Application of high purity TCXO on Clock Generator of USB Controller.
● Application of high performance ALPS potentiometer on head phone output volume controller.
● Application of high grade film capacitor of WIMA on a low-pass filter terminal.
● A total of five special purpose regulators, high performance low-ESR and many tantalum
   capacitors are applied for supplying stable and high quality power.
● The DAC power terminal is applied with high performance solid capacitors of super low-ESR 
    & high ripple current.
● A highest quality metal film resistor of Vishay-Dale applied for high-end audio equipment is
● DDC function is mounted capable of outputting a USB digital audio signal to the S/PDIF
    (Optical TX).

Loaded with Burr-Brown PCM1791A,
the high quality D/A Converter

The PCM1791A provides balanced voltage
outputs, allowing the user to optimize analog
performance externally. The PCM1791A also
accepts interface to external digital filter devices
(DF1704, DF1706, PMD200). The PCM1791A
also supports the time-divisionmultiplexed
command and audio (TDMCA) data format.
Sampling rates upto 200 kHz are supported. 
The data converters use TIís advanced segment
DAC architecture to achieve excellent dynamic
performance and improved tolerance to clock

Installation of Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators (TCXO)

TCXO is made of an extremely thin crystal, creating peculiar
vibration when applied with electricity. It is often used on 
resonance circuit to generate uniform frequency of electronic 
circuits. However, frequency error in which vibration counts of 
TCXO vary can arise depending on outside temperature, and 
such appearance can become a main reason for errors or 
frequency distortions on precision electrical equipments. In order 
to reduce frequency discrepancies due to exterior temperature, 
TCXO uniformly maintains interior temperature within crystal 
oscillator and fixates the frequency, making it an essential 
component for audio equipments sensitive to frequencies.

Slim & Smooth Design

A subdued silver colored body is
curvaceously treated to receive a smooth
feeling when grasped with one hand, 
and a finishing touch of slim panel on 
front/rear surfaces maximizes a 
ompactness of the product.

Equipped with Highest Grade of OPAMP and 
High Performance Headphone Amplifier

It realized high performance and high fidelity audio with very low 
distortion of THD+N 0.00003% and ultra low noise by the adoption of 
LME49860 of National Semiconductor for DAC output stage. Also, you 
can enjoy sufficient sound volume using the headphone of less than 
300Ω by the adoption of AD8397 of Analog Device. High quality audio 
signal which is generated through high-level components is applied 
to speaker, earphone or headphone as it is providing Hi-Fi level of 
audio environment.

Equipped with LDO Regulator of High Performance and Ultra Low Noise and Inverter Circuit for Power Stage

Positive and negative voltages are required to drive high performance 
OPAMP of dual power type. After the rectification process of USB 
power supplied via USB port to stable power without noise through 
LDO regulator and Low-ESR capacitor, the best analog signal with 
ampleness and density which can be attained from high-end 
equipments can be created by the provision of consistent dual power to 
OPAMP circuit via high performance inverter.

88.2 kHz Support

88.2 kHz rarely supported on most of USB Audio DAC is supported in 
native mode. ※88.2 kHz support enables a multiple up-sampling relative 
to 44.1kHz, which is an audio CD format.

Anti-POP Circuit Mounted

The line-out output terminal is mounted with an anti-POP circuit to 
minimize pop noise generated from a speaker when a computer is 
turned on or off.

Convenient Portability and Compatibility

Convenient portability enabling easy installation with a simple USB cable at any place where a 
computer is available, and optimal compatibility free from user OS environment just by plugging 
without a cumbersome installation of driver to automatically recognize Windows XP/Vista/
Windows 7/8 and Mac OS X

※ Installation by being downloaded with a separate driver from website enables use
of Qsound (Windows XP excepted) and AC3-Passthrough function from windows, 
and is supported by 24bit/88.2kHz and the like.

Super light and compact Mini DAC

Most of DACs are imagined as being 
somewhat unsophisticated, but HUD-mini is 
so light and small-sized as to be held in 
one hand, thereby providing a convenient 
portability. Although there is a disadvantage 
in that small size may restrict DAC function 
to decrease sound quality, HUD-mini is fully
complemented to overcome the restriction, 
and has come a long way to reduce 
egradation of sound quality based on 
objects of super-lightness, compactness 
and accumulated technology only available 
at Audinst.

  • Interface

    USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 Full Speed compliant

    Resolution / Sampling rate

    16 / 24bit, 44.1 / 48 / 88.2 / 96kHz

    D/A Converter

    24bit / 192kHz, 113dB SNR

    Headphone Impedance


    Package Contents

    - HUD-mini body
    - Userís Manual (including warranty)
    - USB Cable (USB A to B Type, 1.5M)
    - RCA Cable (1.5M)
    - Rubber feet (Body Fixing)

    Line Out / Headphone Connectors

    RCA / Stereo phone & Stereo mini

    Digital Out(S/PDIF)



    Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / 8,
    Mac OS X

    Dimension(mm) / Weight

    Dimenstion(mm) : 100(W) x 75(D) x 22(H)
    Weight : 160g

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