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The International Player - Patric Chan

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How to Go From a Local Player to an International Authority on the Internet

Title:The International Player Subtitle: How to Go From a Local Player to an International Authority on the Internet


Throughout the years of Internet Marketing, International Players have been named differently in different places – sometimes they are called ‘Gurus’.
International Players not only get customers from all around the world by tapping the unlimited global market, but by being known internationally and admired by other fellow marketers – a player of its kind.
When you become an International Player, you have mastered the art and science of Internet marketing where your market is now the World Wide Web. It’s almost unbelievable – all it takes is just a computer and an Internet connection to start making money online, anywhere you like. 
This book is the story of how a humble ordinary person who rises against all odds to become one of the most successful Internet marketers in the Internet marketing world. In this book, he’ll share with you his ‘never-been-told’ secrets and strategies to become an International Player.

Selling Points Discover:

1. The ‘perfect’ Internet business model that you can start
2. How to build an Internet business with customers from all around the world 
3. The secret of getting started to become an Internet marketer 
4. How to use social media to build your Internet business
5. What are the triad components to achieve international success
6. How to have a breakthrough for your Internet business
7. The 3 types of ‘irresistible’ products
8. Real life case studies of Malaysians who become International Player 

About The Author: 
Patric Chan is an internationally-known Internet entrepreneur, a best-selling author and has spoken in 11 countries including the United States, the UK, China and Australia as an authority of Internet marketing. He has also been featured in newspapers and business magazines many times with testimonials from ordinary people to millionaires who seek his marketing advice.

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